Disrupting the real estate industry by digitally mapping and improving the “resolution” of real estate assets.


We are dedicated to providing systems that will provide more transparency, accuracy, and speed to the real estate industry. Our systems are designed to enable real-time decisions with accuracy and resolve; such that,our clients will have more profitability, liquidity, and confidence. We believe that these systems will someday allow for real-time trading of real estate assets.

"Reducing time to evaluate real estate and complete transactions"


Combining the latest technology to provide real estate solutions for today’s investor.

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"Reducing costs through the buy/sell process and
enhancing visibility into real estate assets""


Our systems provide value to any professional working with real estate assets.
We align our systems with the needs of today's real estate professionals to improve the quality and speed of their business.

Valuation Models

Refining pricing algorithms to calculate more accurate values. Identifying key features and correlating values to those features, while also determining demand in specific marketplaces.
Identify trends for home products and finishes by location and provide quantifiable data for making improvement decisions.
Investors, Analysts,
& Home Owners

Determine features that result in higher prices and enhancing the ability to compare features with other comparable homes.
Insruance Companies
Insurance Companies
Identify replacement details of the insured property and easily determine replacement costs for products and finishes within the home.
Property Managers
Property Managers
Providing landlords with data to determine demand and more accurate rents correlated with finishes in specific markets.
Real Estate Analysts
Realtors & MLS
Provide more searchable fields (e.g. granite countertops), improving the search experience for buyers and sellers. Automate feature identification for field population which increases the accuracy of the listings.
"Centralizing relavent data and quantifying what was
believed to be qualitative data"